TurboFire Starter Pack

I can’t wait for my Fire Starter TurboFire workout to be delivered to my door! I admit, I love the TurboFire workouts but had lots of trouble with the choreograhy. Although I am fit, I am just not too coordinated!

Whether you are like me and just uncoordinated or new to intense workouts like TurboFire, the Fire Starter Pack can help you learn how to do the moves in a low-impact, easy to learn way.

Each move in the TurboFire Starter Pack is broken down for you. You even get 2 fabulous low impact HIIT workouts.

What do you get in TurboFire Starter Pack with Chalene Johnson?

Get Fired Up
Get prepared for the challenge ahead by Chalene Johnson as she guides you through the low impact TurboFire program.

Fire Starter Class
The typical moves in TurboFire are broken down for you. If you are new or an experienced with TurboFire, you’ll learn how to get great form while getting a an amazing workout.

Low HIIT 20 and Low HIIT 25 Classes
You will burn fat in a low-impact manner. Make no mistake, it’s still an intense workout! You can use these to work your way up to the high impact HIIT workouts in TurboFire.

Stretch 10 Class
Increase your flexibility through yoga and special stretching techniques that help you create long, sexy muscles.

Get the TurboFire Starter Pack with Chalene Johnson

P90X Weight Loss Success Stories

If you have seen the infomercial you may be wondering if this is the workout for you. There are so many P09X weight loss success with this at-home fitness program. It’s amazing when you think about how people have lost 20, 50, and over 100 pounds just by making some health changes. Here are some weight loss success stories that you may relate to.

Joe's weight loss success story with P90X

Joe Got Ripped with P90X Weight Loss Success

Take a look at Joe. At age 41, he thought his body would never change. He had an average looking physique that just stayed the same with no muscle definition. With hard work and a healthy diet, his body transformed into a leaner, muscle-defined, and another great weight loss success.

New Mom’s Amazing P90X Weight Loss Success

Jill had lots of extra weight and loose skin on her post-baby body. After doing  this fitness program, she has a flat tummy and can pump out 48 pull-up and 30 push-ups! People took notice of how great she looks too. She now is an amazing looking new mother. After her  remarkable P90X weight loss success, she participated in a triathalon and did a great job. If you are sitting on your couch wondering if this muscle confusion system will work for you, just do it. It can change your life!

Greg’s P90X Weight Loss Success of 87 Pounds

Greg was the youngest walking heart attack his doctor had ever seen at age 36. He was overweight and very depressed about it. He felt awful and knew he had to make a change. He saw P90X on the infomercial. He saw it plenty of times but this time decided to do it. He modified the exercises when he first started since it was so hard for him. He has lost 87 pounds and looks amazing! More important, he is no longer a heart attack waiting to happen and feels great too. Now after his transforming weight loss success, at age 38 he feels alive for the first time ever.

Working out with Tony Horton will change how you feel about working out. These “P90X weight loss success stories” are just a small percent of the thousands of people who lost weight. You get everything you need to succeed! This system includes:

  • 12 workouts
  • 3-Phase Nutrition Plan
  • Fitness Guide
  • CalendarOnline Support
  • Exclusive bonus workouts: Only if you order  via my link, you will receive 2 workout DVDs from the ONE on ONE series. A $40.00 value—FREE!

Buy P90X workout

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Les Mills Pump Burn

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Beachbody Coach challenge

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